Sunday, 3 April 2011

Stay on target

Back at the start of January, I posted my gaming/painting plans for 2011

Three months in, I thought I'd see how much I've veered off target.

Beginning with other people's stuff; Customer A's Cromwells are basically complete. Customer B's Cruisers and Lights are in progress - although the A13 hulls are consuming drill bits far too frequently. Customer C's are complete, just waiting matt varnish.

All good so far.

Now my stuff; 28mm Saxons - not even looked at them, and not been paid for any of the above, so thankfully no cash to buy a hundred 28mm Romano-British to go with them. Still, no increase in the leadpile is as good as a decrease.

The 15mm Romano-British warband are now completed, with the exception of half a dozen Cavalry (on the painting bench) and around a dozen other various infantry. So a reduction the leadpile here - big tick in the box.

28mm BEF, 10mm Napoleonic, 6mm Ancients - again, nothing happened here, but applying the same perverse logic as the Dark Ages stuff equals a tick in the box.

All the good then?

Not quite - in the meantime I've managed to buy an entire 15mm Samurai army, a handful of RBG adventurers, bought and completed a Heresy Giant Scorpion, and been given a Heresy Werewolf and Yeti.

All of which means my lead mountain has grown by approximately 50 miniatures net.

Bloody hobby.

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