Sunday, 9 January 2011


All was right with the world, until one of my sporadic online chats with my chum Bill @ Musketeer Miniatures this evening. An annoyingly talented bloke who can not only sculpt, but also make Army Painter dips look better than I can using the long-painting method. He also appears to live the life of Riley, and spends his days listening to music and mucking about with greenstuff... I 'ate him, I really do.

Anyway, seems he's looking to release a range of Romano-British to compliment his early Saxons in April. The same early Saxons of which I have a dirty great army (largely unpainted) lurking in the box. Could be the motivation to actually crack on with them before I end up buying more stuff I'll never push round a table.

In other news, current commissions are now at;

Customer A;
2 x Cromwells

Customer B;
2 x A13
3 x Vickers VI
1 x A9

Customer C;
2 x A13
2 x Vicker VI
1 x CS9
1 x Guy Ant
1 x 2pdr
2 x Scout Carriers

So, that's 15 Vehicles (which will contribute towards the Musketeer Romano Brits) to complete before tackling a hundred or so 28mm Saxons (which are very time consuming), all to be done alongside the two dozen 15mm Romano-British.

One day I might even get round to doing my own 28mm BEF stuff... and the 10mm Napoleonics which are half-finished... and the 6mm Greeks which are still in the packets.

That's 2011 sorted then.

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