Thursday, 11 August 2011


I like chancing across things on the internet. Well some things I don't like chancing across, like the this morning's Google burp whilst looking for something entirely unrelated; "Eh, What's that then? Good grief, look at the state of her... Oh, she's not going to...". What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Erm, anyway. Last night on a gaming forum there was a discussion about Blood Bowl figures inspiring someone to convert some Warjacks into Blood Bowl Dwarfs. I've no interest in Blood Bowl these days, but I still clicked the link, and ended up spending an hour or so browsing the brilliance contained therein.

This one caught my eye in particular;

So I'm now scouting around for 15mm Dinosaurs so my Splintered Lands warbands can undertake some big game hunting when they're not tearing each other limb from limb.

Also, downloaded Pride of Lions last night. Written by John McBride, author of the Song of Splintered Lands supplement, and father of David McBride of Splintered Light.

In my head I'm eventually getting towards gaming larger fantasy battles in 15mm, and really like the look of these rules. Can be adapted for non-magical (historical basically) battles if you like, by simply ignoring the magic section. Uses opposed dice rolls, with quality of troops represented by the size of their dice - D4 to D24.

No pictures on this entry - there's enough eye candy at Laughing Ferret to keep you all busy.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Splintered Light painting WIP

A big pile of painting WIP, all Splintered Light, all brilliant sculpts/casts. Just to prove that sometimes I do get the brushes out. Note these photos were taken outdoors on a bright sunny day, in the shade. My camera is completely stuffed.

I also, somehow, managed to order a Beastlands warband (Satyrs, Fauns & Minotaurs) from SLM, so will need to reduce the lead pile a bit before they arrive

First elements of my Dwarven warband for SSL. For non-uniform units, I tend to batch paint things these days in fairly identical little groups... once the warband is complete it gives a good overall impression of variety

Second elements - a little further behind.

Mr Toad, possibly resident of Toad Hall. Because he's awesome. Rest of the not-Willows gang on the table too.

A little band of Otters which I'm slowly building up. These guys all come with the original Faithful boxed set, and I've got six Otter Rogues to go with them

Rebels/Flowering foxes with wolverine. These belong to my friend who almost never paints, so wanting to battle against painted toy soldiers, I'm working through his boxed set. Also got some supplementary Fox warriors to go with them.

Lastly, the brilliant Fire Dragon, which was intercepted and claimed, then subsequently painted by my 4yr old daughter. She's got drybrushing to learn next. Proof that the Camera is smegged - right wing is bright green, left is vermillion. Camera says otherwise.