Monday, 25 April 2011

It's my Birthday, and I'll... toy soldiers if I want to. Or, I might not actually; even though it was my Birthday and everything on Friday.

I have a bit over £50 lurking in paypal. Have had for weeks. Normally this would be gone, instantly, but this particular fifty quid is proving strangely difficult to spend. There's plenty I want, need, or fancy, for painting or gaming; there's Otherworld's outstanding range of D&D beasties. There's some Heresy bits I fancy. There's Red Box Games' Goblins. There's Splintered Light - as I'll buy just about anything David sells. I even went to Hotz Matz and Terrain Mat to look at 2' square gaming mats... every single time I put stuff in the Cart, but get to checkout and think 'nah' and close the windo.

Curious really - for as long as I can remember I've always wanted something, and never has cash lurked in paypal for such an extended period. It's also the same with Amazon - normally I have no trouble spending money there on books. Now got £70 in vouchers in the account - again, for weeks - but can't bring myself to click 'Order' at the checkout.

Painting-wise I'm not at a block - at a rough guess I've put paint on around 200 miniatures this year if I include finishing off stuff with has been WIP since forever. Indeed, in such a painting groove at the moment, that when I couldn't get on with the 15mm Samurai today, instead of doing the usual thing and packing it all away again, I got stuck straight into the 15mm Saxons.

It did briefly occur to me that I might be going off being a wargamer - I've started to finish projects, which is uncharacteristic, and I've not butterflied into a new period/scale/genre since Brytenwalda some six months back.


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