Friday, 31 December 2010

Secret Shame

Dungeons & Dragons. 4th Edition. Not, it must be said, my favourite thing - but nevertheless a good social event with my various pals. I seem to recall 1.Ed (or Basic) was more fun; certainly it was less balanced and involved more roleplaying and a lot less combat. Anyway, I've been gradually painting up some old Citadel and Ral Partha minis for it.

The chap on the left is Citadel's 'Wat' from 1985 and my first ever miniature - given to me by a Primary School friend at the time.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

It began with a Tank

So I've had this blog page created for some time, but never had the time or motivation in sufficient quantities to bother adding to it. Well, that all changes today! (Hah!) - so beginning at the beginning with the amble through what's on the painting bench currently.

A Panther Ausf G from JTFM - part of a large commission for some thoroughly decent chaps in the North. A nice enough kit, although the tracks aren't up to much in all honesty. The only other gripe is whatever mould release agent Jeff (at JTFM) uses is a monumental git to remove.

Anyway, Panther above is photographed just prior to it's first gloss varnish - so airbrushed, filtered, and chipped... next comes gloss varnish, 'pin' wash (with oils), and oil stains (also with oils), before matt varnish then finishing with mud pigment and dust.

As well as the Panther, I've got a whole load of early war British stuff from BEF Miniatures to do as well. More detail soon.