Monday, 30 January 2012

I Are Fanboy

The Litany of Lead, procured from David at Splintered Light Miniatures has grown, again, as I felt the need to bolster my warbands in preparation for... well, in preparation for nothing - I just hadn't bought any toy soldiers recently, so made amends.

David always looks after me as a customer, doubtless because I have spent rather a lot with him over the last couple of years. Working from memory, here's what I have; (asterix denotes just ordered)

Faithful Warband
Mouse Spears
Mouse Command
Otter Rogues
Badger Lords
Badger in Plate
Heroes 2
Squirrel Command*

Rebel Warband
Fox Archers
Heroes 2*
Fox Command*

Beastlands Warband
Minotaur Guard

Dwarf Warband
Dwarf High Command
Dwarf Heavy Cavalry on Bears

Goblin Bat Clan Warband*
Goblin Bat Clan light cavalry on bats*

Giant Eagles*

Romano-British Army - approx 70 figures
Saxon Army - 50 figures

Plus there's a Faithful warband I bought for Mike, and a Kobold warband I bought for Pete, plus some odds and ends like an Ice Dragon.

It's rather obvious which faction is my favourite, but looking forward to getting the Goblins in the next week or so, and getting them ready for a game against Mike's Faithful when he's down next.

Some SLM Otters, yesterday.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Today's Songs of...

As threatened, Mike materialised at the gatehouse around lunchtime, demanding to be let in, amused, and refreshed.

Songs was the order of the afternoon, kicking off with a double header of Song of Arthur & Merlin; Welsh Legend variant. We played 400pts each and chose a scenario where one player must exit on the opposite board edge, whilst the other attempts to stop him from the adjoining edges.

Game one, my Saxons were attempting to stop Mike's Romano-British. Saxons consisted of Hengist the leader, a Monk, a Champion, four Horsemen, and three warriors on foot. Mike's British had Ambrosius leading, a pagan Magician, another horseman, an archer, five chaps on foot, and a dog.

All started reasonably well, but I suffered some activation issues, then lost Hengist on the second turn as Ambrosius was Lethal against Evil characters. In fact, the whole left flank - the three foot soldiers, two horsemen, and Hengist, got mauled. On the right, the Champion, monk, and remaining two horse fared a bit better, but suffered from transfix at the hands of the wizard

Ultimately though, the British failed to protect the Wizard, and he got rather battered by the Savage champion and their morale evaporated like the morning mist.


Just before the critical moment - a barbarian horseman charges the wizard. He ended up transfixed, but it gave the champion enough time to get in.

First blood to the Saxons.

We turned it around, and played the same scenario; this time with the Saxons attempting to cross the field. I remembered to take some photos.

Set up, with my Saxons nearest the camera.

On my left, the British advance stumbled as the Wizard failed his activation three times in a row forcing turnover. Didn't do much good however, as my activations were equally prone to failure; only managing to bring my flanking horsemen forward to the road. This gave rise to an almighty punch-up on turn 4

First the Champion charged in, and got swamped by everyone, including the dog.

The Champion managed to survive the odds, and his companions charged in. The British dog killed a fallen horseman, but Hengist himself slew Ambrosius, in a rather hideous fashion too it must be said, forcing a double morale check. In amongst all that, the Saxon champion was finally overwhelmed and brought down

The Saxons spurred onwards to press home the advantage against the leaderless Brits, and killed a few more. However, the ever plucky British didn't quit the field, and the Wizard threatened to spoil proceedings. So, with Hengist covering the flank, the monk, a spearman, and a horseman made for the exit zone.

Perhaps sensing glory, or perhaps embittered by the loss of his comrades, a horseman made for the Wizard. But it was not to be; outnumbered and then transfixed, he fell and forced a 50% morale check for the Saxons. Who then promptly all routed. Idiots.

The British claimed one back!

We then retired from the garage to the dining room, and had a quick game of Splintered Lands. Mike chose the Dwarf warband as seen in yesterday's post, and my five year daughter selected a warband of Faithful based on them being 'Skirrels and Bunnies' - thus, two hares and five squirrels lined up at the fearsome Dwarf warband. Rather surprisingly, I won - some epic activation rolls, combined with Hare spearman being on cracking form. But by crikey the Dwarf champion on bear takes some killing.

Then dinner, and discussion of old D&D. I sent Mike on his way with a memory stick of some selected Basic D&D modules; Isle of Dread, etc. Another good afternoon of wargaming completed. I think that I'll make a concerted effort to finish the hex mat for Bag The Hun, just to break up the Songs a bit next time.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Let there be war!

The morrow brings conflict to the House of Tangent, for the morrow brings good chum Odo and his effeminate nancy-boy post Roman British... 400pts of the oval-shielded weirdos for Song of Arthur & Merlin (Welsh Legend variant) conflict to be precise.

Rather looking forward to it; Mike is excellent company, and plays a good game (which is very important to me). He also rolls an unfeasible number of sixes with my dice.

Nonetheless, a Saxon warlord has been painted in preparation, and I finished off some more of the Dwarfs. Well, I say 'some more', what I actually mean is I finished the ones I'd already started.

More news tomorrow, with photos and everything.