Sunday, 27 March 2011

Tangent II

Since the last post, the Samurai have remained resolutely in the box. The commissioned tanks have moved on, a bit, and I've taken to getting very cross indeed with a handful of 28mm Adventurer types from Red Box Games. They are exceptionally detailed, exceptionally fine detail, and making me realise I'm not quite the painter I thought I was.

They are to be used for a Labyrinth Lord RPG campaign I'm slowly putting together - a bit of good old fashioned dungeon bashing.

The Brytenwalda bits have stopped - although there's only half a dozen cavalry on the painting bench.

There's also talk amongst the gaming group on replacing 40K for something else, which might see yet another £50 thrown at something I'll spend too long fussing over painting, and far too little time pushing round a table. Probably Pig Iron's Kolony Militia range, as their Lo-Fi feel appeals to me.

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