Friday, 29 April 2011

On the painting table

After all the words of the SSL Battle Report (and all the other wordy bits I've been posting), I thought it would be nice to demonstrate some more colouring in, wargaming, for the purposes of.

So, here's some of the current WIP.

First up is the Musketeer Miniatures early Saxons. Bill Thornhill's sculpting - bloody lovely, way above what one would reasonably expect for figures which are basically aimed at the WAB market. I've got rather a lot of these, and very slowly working through them. Great figures to paint, although I've learnt the hard way about the steel spears. One day I'll finish all 140 of them and get a Romano-British from Musketeer army to play against.

Cyning/Atheling, and his Champion - the General, basically

Armoured Cavalry - a points sink, but pretty.

Geoguth Command - veteran warriors.

Also on the table are Red Box Games adventurers.
Veteran Dwarf type... Accident with the brown ink means I'll have to redo his hands. The green came out really chalky too.

Elf Archer - really struggled with her, specifically the colour of the boots. Camera doesn't show it under this light, but the cloak is fully highlighted, as is her face.

A Njorn - again, struggling to get the palette right on this one.

Lastly we have some Splintered Light Miniatures Druid's Children Rebels - these are my mate's figures from the Batrep below. I've got fed up with playing against unpainted figs, so I've put some paint on them for him over the last two days.

A Pine Marten, and three Foxes.

Alongside this lot there is around a dozen 15mm Splintered Light Saxons, the rest of the SLM warband, a dirty great 15mm Samurai army, two 28mm Cromwell tanks, eight more commissioned tanks, etc etc.

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