Friday, 28 January 2011

Unnecessary Purchases

It's been a long and horrid week here; the bitterly cold weather persists - which means I can't sit in my garage and drill little holes in commissioned little tanks. Not to mention the day job has been, erm, pressurised.

Consequently I elected to to what all wargamers do when they're miserable - toy soldier therapy! Conquest Games recently released a rather nice looking set of plastic Norman Kerniggets. It was a toss-up between them and the plastic Saxon Thegns just released by Gripping Beast (no doubt they'll come later).

I'm vaguely working towards a bloody great Medieval collection - I have around 130 early Saxons from Musketeer, hopefully to be complimented by his to-be-released Romano-British of the same period. My intention will be to supplement them with plastics from the GB late Saxons and hopefully-to-be-expanded CG Normans.

Expected completion date with this lot is a way off into the future - the MM Saxons have dragged on for two years, with only one 24 man regiment of Duguth sort of finished, and a 6 man detachment of armoured horsemen largely completed.

Anyway, I'm still undecided on the current trend for plastics. I have a set of Perry Napoleonic British infantry, and whilst they're very nice by any measure, I couldn't bring myself to nail them all together - partly because I'm not that interested in gaming Napoleonic skirmish, and partly because they are immensely fiddly.

So, looking forward to seeing how I get on with a dozen Normans on hosses.

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