Friday, 7 January 2011

The Butterfly Has Landed

Flutter flutter flutter.

Hello pop pickers, a run through of the what's been tickling my butterfly this week;


Robin and his awesome looking small-scale sci-fi world from Crawley. Dab hand at painting too - I shall be investigating forthwhiff, although I believe in return it'll cost me a game or two of Splintered Lands. Such hardships.

Legend of the Five Rings

Cos me and one or two others are looking for something different for RPGing, and by crikey L5R is a comprehensive and rather absorbing pseudo-Japanese medieval world. Worth a read, although £45 is a bit much. About 1/2 way through it now, so will report back when we get it underway (if ever).


Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the cost scale is the rather intriguing Parsec - which I picked up in Wargames Vault's sale last month. Five USD, nicely presented, with more than a sniff of Bladerunner to it (a very good thing). Thoroughly looking forward to having a play soon.

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