Wednesday, 2 February 2011

This evening, I are mostly...

...intending on carrying on with the tank commissions - now that I've got some drill bits and the weather has warmed up a smidge. If I write it on the internet - for all two of my followers to see - then it will happen. Probably.

Other news; the Conquest Norman Knights turned up yesterday. An initial cursory glance shows them to be nice. Not 'blow-your-mind' awesome, but plenty good enough for the purposes of gaming with. The Horse heads are a little odd around the forehead area (whatever that bit is called in Horsey parlance). What I do like is that they're not that fiddly - Torsos and legs are one piece, just leaving arms and heads to affix. Compared with the immensely fiddly Victrix and Perry plastics, I'm much happier with this setup.

Also retrieved a few odds n sods of mine from my friends wargaming hut/villa/shed. Some model railway trees which were lurking in the bottom of the box due to being too small for 28mm are to be pressed into service for the 15mm Dark Age stuff. I'm undecided as to how they will be based - probably a load of 30mm lipped bases will be used as they're lying around spare.

The Splintered Light stuff (Romano British and Druid's Children) continue to lurk menacingly around the painting bench, and will hopefully all move on a bit more during the course of this week. Romano British will take precedence, as there's a distinct threat of a Brytenwalda game soon.

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