Friday, 17 August 2012

Bag The Hun Cards

Ian 'make you a tank guv? Crouch was at Castle Tangent last week, to collect a bicycle. He spied my 1/600 planes and consequently went off on one upon his return to West Denmark (also known as East Kent) Buying a hex mat, some 1/285 Raiden planes, and getting into Bag The Hun. Which means I've been dragged along. Already got most of the planes, already got the rules, and now I've got a hex mat for a not unreasonable £25, from Wargames Command Post - I've temporarily given up on the colouring-in and stitching together old B&W aerial photos to make a mat

If you're not familiar with Lardies rules, they use cards for events and activation. There's some downloads on the Lardy blog for Bag The Hun, but I wasn't too taken with them. So, having the day off today, I decided to make my own with PhotoGimp. RAF and joint cards today, Germans tomorrow.

Will be getting these printed out on cardstock, so undoubtedly I'll have plenty of spares. Probably work on the rest tonight. The originals are A4 @ 10mb


  1. Nice set. I did my own last month, but may be I can use some of your cards.

  2. Hi, of course.
    When I've finished the set I'll put them up on a fileshare site somewhere. Alternatively, if I do get them professionally printed on card I'll no doubt have a spare deck.

  3. Dunc, you can see some of my cards on my blog. But they are in spanish:

  4. Ooh, now they're rather nice Emilio.