Saturday, 28 July 2012

First Game with DW French

Been a few weeks since said game, but one thing and other conspired to keep me away from the blog.

French had their first outing against the British faction a few weeks back. 1000pts, which for my part meant 6 cruisers, 2 pocket battleships, a dreadnought, and 3 frigates. Broadly the mission objective was to destroy 'core' units (i.e. things which come in the original starter box set for that faction). I got rather distracted by the British dreadnought and just concentrated on that instead. Consequently I lost, just.

Anyway, how do the French play? Remarkably tough actually; I had feared their technically marvellous boats would get hammered by the gun-heavy Brits. Instead they soaked up a lot of punishment, and dished out some good stuff too.

The Heat Lances are hugely powerful - assuming you can get into range soon enough to use them. The high proportion of surface skimmers really helped against the Torpedo keen British.

Itching for the next game. In preparation I bought some little Airships for use as fire observers for the submarines, hopefully giving some much needed ranged/indirect fire to the fleet.

Only other news in the wargaming world is that I'm thinking about getting Too Fat Lardies latest effort for my dark ages armies; Dux Britanniarum 

Sorry, no pics of the Dystopian Wars French - her indoors got to the camera before I'd loaded them onto the laptop.

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