Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bag The Hun Cards Pt 3.1

Just a preview of the USAAF cards to finish the day with. This set is probably going to end up pretty big - as it'll include the bomber sections, ground targets, and some more German ones (including jets as we have HE162 and ME262 models to play with).

I need to decide whether I'm going for B17s, B24s, B25s, or all three, and whether I escort them with P47s or P51s. Later is simpler as they seem to be painted silver/left in the metal. Interestingly, whilst reading something today on this, the general theory is that the speed/economy gain from fine tuning of aircraft by flushing rivet heads etc was usually negated by the act of painting the thing.

I recall reading a study twenty years ago made by a large haulage firm who used red lorries. They changed corporate colours, and overnight their fleet fuel bill jumped 4%. Wind tunnel tests found that red paint is fractionally more aerodynamic than other colours. You'd never notice the difference on a car or bike, but something big and heavy with a very big thirsty engine is going to be affected. Whether that's true or not I have no idea...

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