Friday, 6 July 2012

Ecuyer Support Cruiser

Today saw a lot of listen-only conference calls at work, and seeing as my work is at home, I managed to slap some acrylic on some Dystopian Wars boats

These are Ecuyer class support cruisers - An AA Cruiser basically. Like their WW2 counterparts/inspiration, I do wonder how effective they'll be, but lovely looking models nonetheless. First outing will see them pitched in against the techno-fest Covenant of Antartica, but expecting them to do well against the Britannia fleet which is reliant on air assault.

After an abortive attempt  with Dazzle camo on the Carrier, I sat and thought about how a Victorian Ironclad would look. Decided that they wouldn't be battleship grey, or indeed camo, but should imitate the steam locos of the period. Hence, blue (it's more grey to the eye, bordering on turquoise) with lovely teak decking and brass and copper fixtures and fittings everywhere.

These are now awaiting ink and tidying up.

Dreadnought and Sky Fortress already WIP in the same scheme, just need to get some small fleur de lys transfers from somewhere.


  1. Nice :)
    Think they're better than dazzle would be. I don't tend to like the look of camo'd minis- the point of camo is to break up what the eye sees, so if you paint it poorly, ti will look bad, if you paint it well the eye will revolt,it's a lose-lose ;) I've seen camo done well actually, but I never think it looks as good as other options.

  2. They're looking pretty smart, fellah