Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Litko Review

This morning, the sullen unionised despondency of our national postal service arrived with a parcel from the US. A mere 8 days after I'd ordered (on a Sunday evening I think), Litko had packed the order in a box, and got it here to me in Blighty. That's damn good service in my book. Amazon aren't even usually that quick for stuff they've got in stock, and they're only 90 miles up the road.

 Litko SBH 15mm set

My first thought upon opening the parcel was 'crikey, they're small', but then I fished out a few Splintered Lands miniatures and remembered how small they are too. So no worries there.

This is my first ever bit of Litko kit, and I have to say I'm impressed. Well cut, without sharp edges, nice finish, and generally a good thing. My only gripe is the lettering is a bit hard to see, but that's as much my failing eyesight than anything else. They're pretty thick too - see bottom pic.

In terms of service from Litko - 10/10. $10 for the set, and 8 days to ship from US to UK is bloody good.

Overall, a great little pack from Litko, and I think pretty essential if you play as much Songs as I do.

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  1. I'm going to have to check them out! Nice stuff

  2. Uuuug.... I'm very glad you this worked well for you. Litko has very good products including custom work.

    I on the other hand had a very horrible experience with them and their customer service. I made a small order (50 Blank clear Tokens) with them on the 23rd of July. These have still not reached me and I'm in the same country. Three days ago my patience ran out and I contacted them. Bad mistake. Not complaining I simply asked them if it had been sent because I never received a shipment notification, mistake. Nope, my reply from them said it had not been mailed out yet. With No apologies, he stated that it takes time for custom orders. However, this was not a custom order. I did not customize a single thing.

    My next reply from Litko was letting me know that I should have received a shipment email and perhaps it ended up in my spam filter.

    I replied that if you have not sent my order as you previously stated then no, there would not be a shipment confirmation in my spam filter.

    I then asked for a refund. Now comes the Apology email followed by a shipment confirmation.

    Imagine you’ve placed an order at a restaurant and two hours go by without anyone even telling you “sorry about the wait, your order being cooked”. Than you ask to speak with a manager who doesn't even apologize about the wait, he tells you it will be another 2 hours.
    Would you:

    A. Wait patiently?
    B. Ask for a refund and go to the next restaurant that has faster and better service?
    C. Demand what you have ordered plus the refund?

  3. I don't think I was rude. The email started off just wondering if my order had been sent.

    Keep in mind people, I'm pretty sure that at our jobs, if we took three weeks to mail an item they would have fired us.

  4. Hello Geek Toe

    Not wanting to get caught up in someone else's customer service experience argument, but that does seem to be a long wait. However, their site does state that not all ranges are in stock and need to be cut to order.

    Compared with some others in the hobby, a month is very short indeed - I've heard of people waiting 18 months or more for toy soldiers from a certain maker.

    Shame really, the worst experience I've had in my gaming time is with a transfer maker, who took several weeks to confirm shipment. Stuff from the US - Splintered Light, Litko, Armorcast - often arrives sooner than from the UK makers.