Sunday, 6 May 2012

New Scenery Commission

Regular readers of the Tangent may have noted the lack of SSL-specific scenery, so decided to make amends.

To this end I've tapped up my scenery man; Paul's Modelling Workshop to start making up some suitably sized buildings to fight through, round, and over. Below is an example Paul has sent me of an Elf watchtower he's made in 28mm.

Given the exceptional standard of the swamp, Roman roads, and wooded sections he's already made me, I can't wait for the two towers I've just ordered.

Still debating whether to get the 15mm Roman villa ordered from Paul as well. From talking to Dan Mersey, author of Song of Arthur & Merlin, Glutter of Ravens, and Dux Bellorum, turns out he lives in the next town along the coast. So threat of 15mm Dark Ages wargaming looms.

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