Saturday, 21 April 2012

Made to Measure

I wasn't able to make Salute this year - It never seems to coincide with me having money spare to make the trip, pay the door, and buy tonnes of stuff I'll never paint. Additionally, I've come down with what I presume is an inner ear infection last night. No pain, but no sense of balance either. So lucky that I hadn't decided to go. Nonetheless, chatting online with my mate Pete from down the road (you think I've got a one track gaming mind at the moment?) who did go to Salute, and he mentioned he'd seen Litko's SBH set. Photobucket

(pic lifted from Litko, but I doubt they'll mind)

Clicky for Litko site

Made the order, and looking forward to it turning up. No other news, except I'm pondering World of Twilight (no, not the ruddy Vampire telly nonsense).

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