Friday, 6 April 2012

From The Vault II

Some say that I'm just filling space by dredging the vault for 'previously, on the Tangent', and they'd be partially right. I am gainfully employed again, as of Tuesday 10th, a situation which has existed for about a fortnight. Consequently, I've done the square root of absolutely nothing - the BAM Paratroopers are no longer being sold, so normal painting pace has resumed.

I did buy some 28mm scale bricks - made out of real brick - to base them in an Arnhem theme. Worked okay, but rather expensive, all things considered. If the sunlight holds tomorrow I'll photo the first test. The camera isn't really working on any level these days, so might end up deferring again.

Meanwhile, here's a full 8 man section of BEF Miniatures 1940 British Infantry. I painted these for display for the then owner of BEF - a very good mate of mine. Whether they ever made it into the display cabinet I'm not sure.


Warlord bought BEF, primarily for the vehicles - so not sure whether they're still available.

Here's a Heresy Miniatures sci-fi Ganger with bazooka. Rushed him a bit for a game of Flying Lead a couple of years ago. I love the Heresy style, and I'm tempted to get some of their Sci-Fi troopers Andy's just released.


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