Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Painting From The Vault

Thought I'd delve into the painting archive for tonight's post, as the BAM Para project has slowed a bit over the last few days.

First up, Chieftain Models Chieftain Mk.V from when I owned Chieftain models, incorrectly painted in Berlin Brigade camo (incorrect because only the Mk.X sported this rather spiffing scheme).


The idea behind the scheme was twofold - firstly to break up the outline of the tank in an urban environment (not a good place for any tank, especially when painted black and green), and secondly - and perhaps more interestingly - to confuse the East Germans watching them.

There were only 18 Chieftains in the Berlin Bde, and all of them were painted absolutely identically. Idea being that if they drove round in circles enough, those watching would think we had 'undreds of the things.


Talking to someone I know who saw these things out in the field at Soltau (I think), it was a pretty effective camo at range even in a green environment; similar to a Magic Eye picture, the human brain simply refusing to reconcile the collection of shapes into a coherent form.

The model above was airbrushed with Life Colour paints, and an awful lot of masking tape. No need to weather it, as the army kept them immaculate (keeping up appearances for the West Berliners.)

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