Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mouse Guard

I only really use one gaming forum - Frothers Unite - they're my sort of people; Rude, irreverent, brutally honest, and right laugh most of the time. One of them was selling Mouse Guard RPG the other day, so being a lover of anything anthropomorphic, I snapped it up without a moment's hesitation.


So what's it like? Well, in the opinion of a miserable old Red Box & 4e D&D player, it's intriguing. Based on motivation and character traits rather than the more usual Str/Con/Etc, it seems to need a good GM, and a gaming group willing to try something not from WotC (which unfortunately I don't have).

Nonetheless, I think it'll be a fun way to introduce the progeny to RPGing when she's a bit older, and I became immersed in David Petersen's world enough to brave the comic shop in Brighton this morning to pick up one of the graphic novels; Legends of the Guard (which is very good by the way).

Thus, Mouse Guard joins a very rare company on my book shelf - literally, only Thrud and Commando are it's companions. I do think I'll pick up the first three graphic novels - which are the collected six comics of the first three seasons, and add the current fourth season to my subscription list. I could get them for free off the 'net, but that's not really the point with comics.

Other news - Odo threatens another journey South with - horror! - new rules. Also, I may not be unemployed for much longer; third and final interview on Monday with a large telco.

Finally, the Paras aren't going anywhere near eBay. Three reasons; 1) they've come out far too nicely to sell, 2) I ended up buying and swapping a load more in, and 3) they're my toys, mine, my own!

Here's a very badly lit photo of one of them in progress;
You get the general idea. I've even ordered some 28mm scale bricks off eBay to the basing Arnhem themed.

Oh, and very lastly, I got bored with the basic blue theme, and had a bit of a revamp. I'll let it settle for a few days before fine tuning.

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  1. Do give Harvesters a look too - slimmed down D&D with forest animals.