Thursday, 3 March 2011


A little update on a sudden swerve to the right - a large box of 15mm Samurai arrived this morning from Museum Miniatures. Excellent service considering I ordered them only yesterday morning!

20 Samurai horse, 50 Samurai foot, 40 Ashigaru, and 20 Ashigaru archers - complimented by all manner of accessories which seem to have accompanied the feudal Japanese to war.

Great miniatures - although on the large/chunky side for 15s - and looking forward to painting them up for Impetvs.

Not, it should be said, my first choice for gaming - if left to my own devices I probably would have ended up with a 1st Crusades army - but gaming chum and all round good guy Pete and his irrepressible enthusiasm for the period didn't give me much choice. Now that they've arrived I'm much happier, and can already visualise them as a great horde of Crimson and Emerald armour.

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