Saturday, 2 July 2011

Your Opinion Please?

No, not your opinion on this blog - ignorance is bliss and all that.

Rather, I'm the copyreader for a well known wargames magazine. We (the Editorial team) have been discussing what to do over the coming issues to keep the interest levels up.

So, rather than explain any further (and risk influencing the input), over to you, all ten of my followers - what articles would make you buy a Historical wargaming magazine?

Scale, period, type (painting, tactics, rants, etc), anything else.

Answers on a comment box please!

Meanwhile, here's a random photo from the collection.



  1. I like "project" articles best. These would be the type that someone says, "I'm going to do 25mm gladiators, for example." They then walk us through their choice of miniatures (reviewing, discussing manufacturers and why they chose the one they did), rules, etc. Essentially, it is part column, part research piece, where they give us a blueprint of how they did a certain period and scale...

  2. I like what Mike has written above and think that an article of this type each month would work well. Also, I'd like to see...

    A few wargaming historical 'facts' and taboos broken by properly researched and academically written historical articles.

    Scenarios and RPG style adventure set-ups like in the original White Dwarf before it became an inhouse magazine.

  3. This is a subject that has been on my mind on and off for the last year or so - every month I pick up 'Miniature Wargames' in WH Smiths and most months it's a resounding 'meh'.
    Projects are a good choice I think. I will probably be doing something of that ilk on my own blog - the current 'show lots of pictures of the same miniature' format isn't bringing many comments. Step-by-steps on how to achieve effects are good.
    Perhaps a 'compare and contrast' on different armies i.e Hoplites vs Sparabara in 480bc for example.

    Nice wolfman. I must get some of those leaves :)

  4. Eleven followers *ahem* ANYWAY... I would love to see articles as Mike said above. But, also I'd like to see some "introductory/how the heck do you do this" articles as well. My group does not historically war game much b/c I am the only one who really put forth the effort to look into it and study up on it.

  5. Tabletop teasers like wot they have in Battlegames, maybe period-specific - e.g. WW2 platoon actions? Also, maybe new rules? An opportunity for rules writers to get their own home brew systems into print? And painting articles would be good. There was something on painting ACW figures in the last MW which was quite good, although not considering ACW at the moment.