Saturday, 18 June 2011

Painter's Block Pt.2

Over a month since my last entry, so time for an update I thought.

So, what's happened in the world of Dunc since this time last month? Well, I've changed employers - which has meant a spot of gardening leave, followed by a fairly intense June. I also bought myself a new bike (of the operator-propelled variety).

As I wasn't working for seven weeks, I initially painted with some enthusiasm, but this wore off after the first week; no stress at work equalled little desire to paint. The new job has kept me busy this month, and along with the new toy (a Trek 1.1 if you know about such devices), it's all been a bit quiet.

However, it wasn't a total write-off. I was given a couple of Heresy Miniatures monsters - a werewolf and a yeti - in some state of disrepair. The yeti had been hacked to bits, but the werewolf just needed pulling apart and reglueing. Lots of Greenstuff later and the yeti is looking good and on it's first coat. The werewolf is completed and should be based sometime tomorrow. Picture to follow.

This led me to idly browse Ebay for more Heresy odds n sods - turned up 2 lurkers, 6 ghouls, a ghoul king, and a trio of halfling adventurers. All for £15! (Incidentally - the Halflings are of no interest to me - so if anyone wants them, just email me). These will be added to collection of hideous things and RBG adventurers for the Labyrinth Lord campaign I'm slowly putting together.

After the deal was done, I got chatting to the seller - turns out he's got about £300 worth of made but unpainted Heresy goodness. Some very rare bits too - more Lurkers, a Tunnel Dweller, and the Heresy Angel with pillar. All mine for £150 - a bargain (I think).

Alongside that, I finally got my backside into gear and commissioned some scenery from Paul's Modelling Workshop as follows;

3' worth of Roman Roads, and two forest/wooded area sections as per this picture,

And a dollop of marshland like this

This is for my 15mm Dark Ages project. Assuming I'm happy with the results, and from those pics I can't imagine I won't be, then I'll be commissioning some more - 3' of Dyke, and - funds allowing - a representation of Bamburgh Fort (from the Osprey book on post-Roman British forts). So much for 15mm being a cheap way of gaming!

Also turned up in the post after a considerable wait is my 3' x 2' gaming mat from Hotz Matz, without the craters. Not bad, as it turned out, but not quite as much a colour mix of earth/green as I was expecting. Nevertheless, it keeps the whole lot portable.

So, back to the painting table - in a final effort to get myself painting again I dug out all manner of things today and prepped them up ready for colouring in - all 15mm - the Saxon army, the Romano-British cavalry reinforcements, the Longboat (ERM), the Oxen, Cart, Livestock etc (Magister Militum), and a few other bits. Assuming I don't get roped into anything else this Sunday, I should be able to get some paint on them.

When it's all done I think it's going to be a real visual feast.

When it's done...

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