Wednesday, 4 May 2011

SSL: For A Few Badgers More

A very picture heavy battle report for the next instalment of Song of Splintered Lands this evening - sorry if you've got a poor connection.

So, to business - the freshly painted Rebels/Flowering (Oli) were out for revenge after last week's drubbing (see A Fistful of Badgers a few posts back), so much so that they wheeled out the mighty Wolverine character. 122pts of mightiness. Escorting him were two Rat personalities, five rat warriors, and the obligatory pair of fox archers.

Flushed and confident from their last success, the Faithful's Badgers had largely gone onto the reserves bench. Thus, the Faithful warband (Me) comprised of things not often seen; The Tassletail Brothers leading a pair of Squirrel Swords, a Squirrel Archer, Otter sword, Otter Spear, Otter Archer, and heavy support in the form of just two armoured Badgers.

Excuse the pictures - poor lighting and the texture of the terrain mat confused the hell out of the camera.

Starting positions
Faithful nearest the bottom, archers just out of shot in bottom right corner.

And they're off - business as usual for the rats, no doubt feeling particularly brave due to the presence of that Wolverine

The Faithful adopt a similar formation. Archers again out of shot.

So, on the second turn, combat begins. Badgers engage the Wolverine, who is knocked down after pushing back the first Badger

The Rats swamp the Blue Badger, and the Shamen transfixes him. He dies - with crashing inevitability Mr. Anderson, as Elrond might say.

The Wolverine then deals with second Badger after knocking him down (Badger did get up, then fell over again, then the Otter failed his activation), and it all starts to go horribly wrong. Nasty death and the Faithful make their first morale check as Fergus Tassletail also falls to the Wolverine.

The Faithful fall back, and the Flowering regroup. The Squirrel Archer brought down the Ratlord, and the Otter archer finished him off. Too little too late though.

The Fox Archers took the Squirrel out, and forced the Otter back. Meanwhile the Wolverine and Rats closed in on the shaken remains of the Faithful. The Rats are held at bay and then fall back when another falls bring the Flowering warband to under 50%. The Wolverine, however, is completely impervious to such fripperies as dead rodents, and proceeds to deal death to the hopeless little Squirrels. A below-50% morale check for the Faithful and they rout.


Game over.

Great fun, as Songs always is.

The Squirrels aren't good in hand-to-hand, but I love the look of them, so I think they'll get another run out soon. The Otters are intriguing though - very good in hand-to-hand, so they'll definitely feature in the next warband.


  1. Great BatRep Dunc - that wolverine seems pretty deadly. I will be picking up the rules and figures soon, so I can see what SoBH is all about. I really like your minis and the scenery is great too.

    Litle Odo

  2. Hi Odo
    The Wolverine on his own is actually pretty vulnerable - as is his counterpart in The Faithful (Brace Badgerlord) - to massed attacks.

    It's the tactical difficulties of facing him and a supporting cast of Rats. The Rats are poor in combat, but make up for that in numbers.

    You can play SoBH with just about anything you've got kicking around on individual bases. The Splintered Lands stuff is deeply silly and great fun.