Saturday, 21 September 2013

10mm Naps & 15mm Sci-Fi

I painted some stuff.

Firstly, I dragged the 10mm Redline Miniatures Napoleonics out of the lead pile and finished some more of them. Despite the fact they look excellent, I'm never going to play wargames with them, so they went on eBay.

Underneath them in the pile were some 15mm GZG USNC Hardsuit Marines of the space man variety. Fellow geek Pete had bought them for me a while back (at Triples I think) as he's intent on playing Laserburn with the damn things.

As everyone of my age knows, real space soldiers don't wear camo - they wear grubby orange environment suits, and their armour always looks like glossy white plastic. Jim Burns is primarily to blame for this.

After this photo I gloss varnished the white bits. Despite being a quick and dirty paint job, I'm very happy with how they've come out. Eagle-eyed readers will note I went for the truly old school effect of using PVA and sand on the bases, with the obligatory contraction showing the outline of the figure's base on some of them.

Also on the bench are three SLM Hedgehog spear teams, and some Conquest metal Norman command - of which the horses are near enough complete.

More soon, especially since I'm now looking for a suitable grav tank for the space soldiers.

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