Tuesday, 2 April 2013


One thing I've always loved about BD&D was the classic style of overland mapping - mostly usually seen on a hex grid. Vast dragon infested snow capped mountain ranges intersecting kingdoms, huge forests stuffed full of goblins, and endless windblown steppes with implausibly sited ancient fastnesses of evil wizards.

Just the thing I want for my BD&D campaign, and just the sort of thing you can apparently make with Fractal Terrains software. However, I'm stuffed if I'm going to throw £70 at some (admittedly impressive) cartography software, and even if I would, I can't because I'm a Linux house and therefore incompatible with 94% of the world. (Anyone mentions WINE they're to go and sit at the back of the class)

I have The Gimp (open source photoshop alike), and with a bit of Google-fu, I found this;

Clickable Goodness

I've never bothered learning how to use Gimp properly, but 45 minutes of mucking around on my little Samsung NC10 netbook yielded this;
Tomorrow I'll go again on the bigger 15" notebook (also Linux, before you ask) and get stuck into it properly.

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  1. Very interesting. Time ago I tried a Campaign Cartographer demo. Very hard to learn. May be this systen is easier.