Friday, 12 October 2012

Scenario Bag The Hun II Cards

I've been following the alarmingly prolific Jim at Jim's Wargames Workbench for a while, and saw a post from him about gaming on Tuesday with a 1940 Battle of Britain scenario based on real events.

For want of a couple of hours distraction, and because I'm generally quite nice to fellow wargamers, I offered to tweak my card deck for him in return for the scenario he'd written.

Here's one of what I did done make for him;

Never ceases to amaze me the photos you can find on the internet without much searching. The chap asleep in the chair is actually the very man who led the flight into combat in the scenario. Chap looking moodily off into the middle distance is 56sqn, although unidentified.


  1. Nice cards. To find pics from the real characters is a plus.

  2. Very smart...and very useful!

    Cheers Dunc!

  3. Dunc,
    Are these cards available in an editable format?