Monday, 30 January 2012

I Are Fanboy

The Litany of Lead, procured from David at Splintered Light Miniatures has grown, again, as I felt the need to bolster my warbands in preparation for... well, in preparation for nothing - I just hadn't bought any toy soldiers recently, so made amends.

David always looks after me as a customer, doubtless because I have spent rather a lot with him over the last couple of years. Working from memory, here's what I have; (asterix denotes just ordered)

Faithful Warband
Mouse Spears
Mouse Command
Otter Rogues
Badger Lords
Badger in Plate
Heroes 2
Squirrel Command*

Rebel Warband
Fox Archers
Heroes 2*
Fox Command*

Beastlands Warband
Minotaur Guard

Dwarf Warband
Dwarf High Command
Dwarf Heavy Cavalry on Bears

Goblin Bat Clan Warband*
Goblin Bat Clan light cavalry on bats*

Giant Eagles*

Romano-British Army - approx 70 figures
Saxon Army - 50 figures

Plus there's a Faithful warband I bought for Mike, and a Kobold warband I bought for Pete, plus some odds and ends like an Ice Dragon.

It's rather obvious which faction is my favourite, but looking forward to getting the Goblins in the next week or so, and getting them ready for a game against Mike's Faithful when he's down next.

Some SLM Otters, yesterday.


  1. Great looking figs...I need to buy some more SL minis too. I'm looking to add some Bug Bear units to help out my Bat Clan Goblins!

  2. Thanks Cory. I love the whole Splintered Lands / Bob Olley range. Looking forward to the Goblins on Bats - Goblins on giant Bats is almost as righteous as Dwarf Huscarls on Bears.

    Bug Bears are next on the list. Current favourites are actually the Foxes and the Squirrels

  3. Not really any scale Stuart - notionally 18mm, but they're chunky.

  4. very cool looking otters! I especially like the one with 2 swords