Friday, 31 December 2010

Secret Shame

Dungeons & Dragons. 4th Edition. Not, it must be said, my favourite thing - but nevertheless a good social event with my various pals. I seem to recall 1.Ed (or Basic) was more fun; certainly it was less balanced and involved more roleplaying and a lot less combat. Anyway, I've been gradually painting up some old Citadel and Ral Partha minis for it.

The chap on the left is Citadel's 'Wat' from 1985 and my first ever miniature - given to me by a Primary School friend at the time.

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  1. I didn't really click with 3rd edition, 3.5 seemed a bit of a stretch and from what I have heard of 4th edition makes me not want to bother. So, I'll be going back to 2nd edition AD&D and maybe hybridise it with 3rd edition. I am currently trying to paint up all my old RPG stuff too.

    Little Odo